August 31, 2014

End of Month Views, August

There's nothing much to see in the August greenhouse. Summering plants abound outside.

Gusmania, Bird's Nest Fern and Tillandsia cycanea in sturdy square terra cotta pots from Viet Nam.

Looking from the other direction, Rhipsalis and Burro Tail Sedums. Little bits of these are rooting in the greenhouse along with bits of Christmas Cactus. I can't help myself when pieces break off.

Beside the greenhouse are more summering plants.
I looked back at last winter's blog posts to see where all these are supposed to go and wondered where the newcomers will perch.

Bromeliads are bigger and more numerous than last year.
Maybe I can make a Bromeliad tree and go vertical.

I try not to think about the pots of Begonias, Foxtail Fern, Spider plants, Rusellia and Graptopetalum. I only think of cuttings when I'm outside watering. 

More white Lantana outside.
Inside the greenhouse I cleared 10' Alternanthera plants behind the two panels to the right and squeezed my tomato plant into the corner. I estimate I have 5 weeks to get ready for plants moving inside. Sassafras suckers came up at the end of my potting bench are among the things I will deal with. 

I haven't made up my mind about Christmas plants. Pots of Amaryllis need preparing if they are to bloom midwinter. Bulbs need ordering if there are to be Hyacinths to give away and new Amaryllis. It is hard to think about Christmas in 95º weather.

August 30, 2014

Tomato in Its New Space

The last post concerned a Better Boy cutting that has reached 5 feet tall and would be that wide in every direction if it was not in bondage, tied to a PVC pipe in its bucket.

Moving the tomato freed up about 38" x 38" of floor space where it sat just inside the door. I kept brushing against it going in and out which can bruise the leaves.

Squeezing into a space 27"x18" through a tiny gap between the ends of the shelving without breaking a limb was a real trick.  
Limb ends rest against the greenhouse walls. Come cold weather, bubble wrap will protect it from cold if I can work the plastic down the walls.  

Yesterday Alternanthera filled this space.

Two small tomatoes hung on through the move. 
I give it a gallon of water when it was in place.

While it isn't the best location for a tomato, it is the best use of space in a small building. Indeterminate tomatoes tend to vine upward, so the roof's the limit. Right now it's only 5' tall. Lanky limbs can be secured to the posts of the shelf unit beside it. I'll be able to reach the shelves without an obstacle.

Tomatoes in the winter of 2012-2013 were successful for 
fruit but so much in the way. Every year I rearrange. 
There's never a perfect layout.

I looked back to see when I brought in other plants last year. October 10, 2013 I was bringing in the tenderest. 

The tiniest signs of fall are here despite high temperatures. Virginia Creeper and Sassafras are dropping red leaves.  There was fog this morning.  

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