July 31, 2015

A Last Look at July

A greenhouse in July is not a show place. On the other hand, it is possible to easily root plants under the mist that helps with temperature control.

 When wind blew down a stalk of Angel Trumpet I took 6 cuttings. They have roots growing out the bottom of their pots as did the 4 pots of white Lantana montevidensis. Two of the Lantana are now filling the space where a large lavender Lantana failled to return after winter cold.

Back of the cuttings are two Bromeliads, one is a tiny pup that I doubted would ever grow. It is growing. Hanging down is some Pothos that more or less planted itself when a piece broke off.

A red Pentas that took all winter to root is now blooming. I decided to keep it as a potted plant. The poinsettia that I neglected and thought it would die was doing quite well since I decided it had a serious will to live -- and then I let it go dry and it dropped some leaves but it's still a good plant.

Two cuttings that I took from this plant 
are rooting, I think. For winter bloom.

I took a tiny cutting from the volunteer Shrimp plant over in the corner. It drooped for a day or two but is looking better, too.

I made a To Do List and put an icon in the corner of my desktop. It helps me focus on what must be done, what I would like to do and look back at what actually was done.  The items marked DONE are very satisfying, including that for the first time ever I ordered fall bulbs before the end of July.

I made a change to my blogs. I had a Labels list at the end. It got bigger and bigger. There's a search box on the sidebar. I think it is faster to type in a plant name than it is to scroll down and search for it. The index is gone; I search by archive date frequently. 

August is another long, hot month. Time to move back to the top of my To Do List and start a new month. When I was looking at it, I noticed that I typed the date as 2011 much of July. I am a little behind but not quite that far.

What's on your agenda for August?

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