January 29, 2015

Work Commences on the Mule Barn

Grass removed, dirt moved in preparation for pulling lines for the perimeter.

Mr. Sam uses a transit to insure that the slab will be square.

A half day's work behind them. Now we wait.

January 26, 2015

Weary of Winter

Hyacinths show promise after all.

I am pretty sure we are going to see blossoms.

I am still getting tomatoes off that vine in the greenhouse. My failure to prune means that sometimes they turn red before I notice them. 

Two Amaryllis bulbs have the tip of a bloom bud emerging.

Kalanchoe is still just thinking about whether to go ahead and bloom or wait for spring.

Next year I think Begonias.

I walked around outdoors. 

'Leonard Messel' Magnolia opens a few blossoms at a time.
They're going to get frost bitten but more follow.

Hard freezes have not been kind to Camellias.

Birds find Nandina berries unpalatable.

I cut a little cabbage with a harder head than this one.
We ate it for supper. We had broccoli on Saturday.
I need to start new plants.

Finding clumps like these are encouraging. 

Mama always said February was a short month. Hurry along, January.

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