November 25, 2014

Greenhouse Update on a Wet and Raw Day

It was wet and raw outside today. It was damp in the greenhouse and not much warmer because the sun never peeked out.

Thanksgiving Cactuses are beginning bloom.

Just a bouquet -- some of these may root.


Paper whites in a pot of soil with roots and shoots.
These are homegrown bulbs from a neighbor, not purchased.

I did not hang around after I filled the water jugs and set heaters back in place in preparation for colder nights near Thanksgiving. I've been doing more reading about heat loss, temperature mediation and insulation techniques.

November 21, 2014

The Insouciant Gardener

'Lackadaisical' was the other word I considered but it isn't that I lack bodily energy or enthusiasm, I just fail to be as diligent about some things as I could.

One of the things I am not diligent about is labeling. The Amaryllis above bloomed last month out of regular Amaryllis season through my failed diligence. I don't know its name -- it lost its label. Does it really matter? No. What matters is that it is healthy and hardy.

Now that the freezes are done for a few days, I poked around in the greenhouse and hauled up the Amaryllis that were lying on their sides to keep water out of the pots, ripped off the dead leaves and took stock. Some could use just a scoop of topdressing with fresh potting soil. They have more resting to do.  

I've more Amaryllis than I remembered. There are two pots labeled 'Benfica.' I remembered only one. They're both awfully fat for one to be an offset. Some pots have no labels. I am not distressed about labels. When they bloom I recognize them most of the time.

There are plants that I have not rested because some are seedlings or offsets and not quite blooming size. If they get a notion to bloom, they'll bloom without rest -- and without labels.

 I am hoping that pots of bulbs sitting around the greenhouse will eventually produce blooms like these from 2011. I'm experimenting with Tazetta narcissus that grew in someone's garden for the past five decades to see if they'll bloom in a pot. I dug Exotica Amaryllis from my own garden before the freeze to see if they'll bloom again in a pot. 

I may still order off for Amaryllis. Vendors continue to send tempting emails. I can make room.

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